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Integral Coaching

I offer guidance and support to people who feel called to heal, evolve, know their core story, live their purpose, and awaken. My work includes practices on shadow work, family triangles, meditation, awareness and mindfulness practices, personality typologies, spirituality, inquiry and energy work.

As part of the integral transformative work a client goes through a process of developing new capacities to develop new ways of being that are desired for a specific personal goal.

Through training and practice I've developed a transformative method inspired from integral theory, adult development theory, Jungian and Gestalt therapies, spirituality, and shamanism.

The transformative process includes using multiple lenses to get a deep sense of the client's perspectives and worldview so that I can understand how he/she moves in the world, sees the world, what results

he/she looks for and what actions he/she takes.


  • To work with you on a topic that deeply matters to you; one that you have likely had difficulty making progress and/or sustaining progress in to date.

  • An approach to change that focuses on the development of competencies in you that enable you to be and experience life in a new way and achieve new results.

  • A customized program that is tailored to meet you right where you are and takes you through cycles of development that progressively enable you to make meaningful progress on your topic.



  • Engaging in a Transformative Practice that is designed to support you in making meaningful progress in your topic (need, interest, desire, stage of life).

  • Meeting with me on a regular basis.

  • Actively engaging in daily exercises / practices between the meetings that are custom designed for you and that focus on your development.

  • Being willing to ‘take a look’ and to do things that are outside your norm, for this is where new seeing and new development takes place.

  • Working with a guide that is flexible and dynamic.

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