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EROS & KOSMOS – Online Magazine of integral liberation and transformation

Iboga Meeting the Divine

A short documentary about my first ibogaine experience.

Integral Ibogaine, Integral Well-being

Article on the use of ibogaine within an integral perspective as a catalyst for personal transformation and growth.

The Multidimensional Luminous “We”

Life has its share of difficulties and it is up to us in how we engage in it all. Relationships are just one more way in which we care for ourselves, for others and for the universe. We are part of the world, of our communities, of the other and this infuses a boundless sense of responsibility in all behavior. Relationship may gives us a deep sense of realization, fulfillment and meaning in life if we approach it as a sacred entanglement of beings.

Rising Earth Consciousness

How can an awareness and experience of being provide a different relationship to nature and the Earth?
While being in simple wakefulness does not bring with it the concern for the Earth, it does feel like it is a state where the Earth communicates with us. In simple wakefulness everything is already perfect, in simple wakefulness nature is as awareness where thoughts, feelings and impulses dissolve like clouds in the sky.



 The Meaning of Life… Finding the Divine Flame Within

Paulina Alanis is interviewed by Excellence Reporter on the meaning of life.

Kosmos Journal:

An Integral Worldview

Through my integral studies, I became knowledgeable of the various dimensions of being as explained by Eastern and Western traditions. Being a Global Ambassador for Kosmos Journal means that I can share the wisdom and magical happenings of world perspectives through Kosmos thinking and photographs. Kosmos is an artifact that connects us to our nature, to communities all over the world, and to the beauty and art of living.


Iboga Meeting the Divine

 This video is part of the autobiographical description of an integral research on the use of ibogaine for transformative practice. It describes the experience of an ibogaine treatment in San Pancho, Mexico. It is important to understand that each ibogaine experience is unique. The use of a sacred medicinal plant has many implications, safety and awareness of its possible effects on the body and mind are elemental. The use of psychedelics is not suitable for every person. Paulina Alanis, MA

Kosmos Journal for Global Transformation


Apply Topically Podcast

Ibogaine and Psycho-spirituality

Paulina Alanis is interviewed by Elliott Ingersoll psychology professor from the Cleveland State University.

In this episode, Elliott talks with transformative coach Paulina Alanis about the legal use of Ibogaine in Mexico and other countries for psychospiritual healing. Paulina has worked across the globe and currently is in Mexico researching on the use of ibogaine for self-realization and psychospiritual work.

Transformative Coaching & Counseling

In this episode, Elliott continues his discussion with transformative coach Paulina Alanis. They engage in more dialogue on ibogaine therapy as well as what sorts of transformative practices could help our polarized world.

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