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Micro Iboga Program

Iboga and ibogaine microdosing

This is a global collaboration of therapists, researchers, and entrepreneurs dedicated to researching and providing a safe, therapeutic, and effective way of microdosing iboga root bark. The online program is still in its early stages, and we are currently conducting pilot groups to test and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the program.

Microdosing with Iboga~ Online Program 

A gateway to self-knowledge and healing by combining meditation, self-development practices and Iboga microdosing.

We delve into our inner worlds, become aware of dynamics and patterns, and seek to align ourselves with our core being.

Join a GROUP and INDIVIDUAL program!.


Duration: 8 weeks 

Includes: access to online platform with all material, therapeutic practices, one-on-one coaching therapeutic calls (video/audio) and individual support.

The start and end of the program is schedulded according to availability and need.

For more information:

*We do not sell iboga or ibogaine
**Not for addiction treatment

Group Program

An 8 week online program designed to complement group therapy programs as well as one-on-one Iboga microdosing support.

The purpose of the program is to accompany and guide people through the development of their own Iboga microdosing schedule while focusing on a unique transformative process through practices like inquiry, observation, shadow work and Enneagram.



Please see below for the opportunities to join this powerful work with iboga:


JAN 14 - MAR 10 ~ 8 spots available

(8 weeks) ~ Last day to register is December 15th

Microdosing program with iboga
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