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Sacred Healing

Immerse yourself in deep transformation and discover a new way of being
aligned to your authentic self
and divine purpose


Paulina Alanis MA

My therapeutic approach to transformation and healing combines the Enneagram model, inner child and shadow work, psychedelic medicines, states of consciousness, meditation, mindfulness practices, stages of development  and shamanic rituals.

I have more than 10 years of experience working with those suffering from mental health issues, addiction, trauma, PTSD, depression and anxiety including special operations veterans and their families, cancer patients, young adults and seniors. 

The path to healing starts with your intention, with true willing, and your ongoing effort and dedication to undo lifelong patterns and conditioning for a long-lasting transformation.

My Offerings

Sacred Healing Ceremony (13).png

Integral Coaching

One-on-One sessions to create long-term transformation, develop greater self-awareness and discover a new way of being.

Sacred Ceremony

Psycho-spiritual psychedelic medicine ceremony and retreats integrating therapeutic practices and indigenous rituals.

Shamanic Experiences

Experiential sessions through traditional indigenous rituals for the purpose of healing, divination and transformation.


Alexandre C.

Raman D.

Mireya B.

The most meaningful part of my experience was the connection to the medicine, and how it has helped me to better my life and find relief from depression and anxiety.

The ceremony it's something that words cannot express fully. But I can say it was the single most joyful and healing experience I have had. 

Doing the ceremony was instrumental to where I am right now, I was at a crossroads in my life and the experience gave me the clarity and the answers that I needed to go forward.

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