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Integral Coaching

Healing with a heart!

Life coaching and psychedelic integration

One on One Session

​Do you feel called to heal your core wound, know your personal story, connect to your higher purpose and spiritually evolve? Engage in a transformative process tailored to meet you right where you are, through practices that enable you to make meaningful progress towards your goals, develop greater self awareness and align yourself with your life’s purpose.

Integration Session

Individual therapeutic sessions that help you through the process of integration by extracting the meaning from your psychedelic experience, its lessons, insights and realizations and apply them into your life for positive change, for long-lasting transformation

and healing.

Life coaching
Integration and aftercare

Integrate ~ Aftercare

Weekly group video calls for those who have participated in one of my ceremonies or retreats.  Join the call to connect with others with similar interests in psychedelic therapeutic practices, to find support in your healing journey, and to share your insights and realizations.

The purpose of the group is to integrate together, to share what has worked for you, where are you at in your integration process and where do you feel you need some guidance.

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