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Shamanic Experiences

Healing with a heart


Rites of Passage

A ritual to celebrate a time of transition, of transformation to support a needed shift in consciousness required to enter into new life stations and responsibilities. A psycho-spiritual ceremony of dying to one's old life, stepping into the unknown, and returning to take on a new life. Rites of passage have been done traditionally to celebrate a significant change in a person’s life, for example becoming an adult and transitioning into a different group in society.

Shamanic Journey

A journey to enter into an altered state of consciousness, usually with the help of some rhythmic percussion, to experience non-ordinary reality outside time and space and receive information from helping spirits, guides and power animals. The intention is to use this positive energy to create transformation for ourselves, others, and the planet, to explore different worlds, use power animals and connect with guides and teachers.


Soul Retrieval 

When a person experiences a perpetual feeling of incompleteness and disconnection it usually is related to having a soul loss caused by trauma. During trauma a part of the soul leaves the body as a way to cope with the deep wound of trauma and pain, it is a survival mechanism. Soul retrieval is the process by which the soul is called back into the body, to be fully embodied once again and retrieve the vital essence back into oneself.

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