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What is your relationship to pain?

“The last thing human beings will let go of is their suffering” ~ Gurdjieff

Maybe life is not at all what I though, maybe what I thought I was is not true at all. When the time is right some things just flower, when the abyss is experienced through the depths of pain, you experience the aloneness and the unknown… It disturbs your worldview… It feels real, vibrant…even if we don’t understand what it’s about…it shows us how to be guided by our inner light.

If our suffering disappeared where would we be?

Do you allow pain to exist in you?

What is the difference between suffering and pain?

Change and transformation don’t happen without emotional transformation, without opening our hearts. An open heart means that we participate fully in our experiences, including pain and connect in a real way with what is in the present moment. From our heart we taste our experiences and are able to discern what is true and valuable.

If we close down to pain then it gets postponed, and suffering emerges.

If we are not willing to experience our own hurt and grief then we can not be healed.

We need to explore further into the roots of our pain not in an analytical way but as in an exploration of our being.

We need to look beneath the defenses of our personality. We need to be willing to face and meet the painful situations that arise as we move through life. This is the path towards forgiveness, of compassion and acceptance. Developing self care, and a compassionate way to relate to your self opens the path for deep healing. Take the time to step back, step inside yourself and take a moment to hold your self in compassion, understanding and acceptance.

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