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Values in Motion: How Our Core Beliefs Evolve Throughout Life

Values are an integral part of our lives that guide our behavior and define what we stand for. However, people often don't focus on them enough. Value systems are unique to each person reflecting their worldview, assumptions, and intrinsic motives. These invisible driving forces shape our perception, thoughts, emotions, actions, and avoidance mechanisms. Our values set the framework for how we approach and analyze reality, known as a paradigm.

Value systems are the deep-rooted motives, levels of existence, worldviews, modes of life, codes of behavior, and values by which individuals and cultures live. They are fundamental systems of thoughts, motives, and instructions that shape how we make decisions and prioritize our lives, and they are the codes of behavior and modes of life that individuals and cultures adopt. In essence, a person's value system can be viewed as their perspective of the world, from which they derive principles about what is good, bad, important, or unimportant.

Value systems are fundamental systems of thoughts, motives, and instructions that determine how we make decisions and set priorities in our lives. As we grow and change, our values tend to shift and evolve. Humanist psychologists suggest that individuals have an innate sense of values and personal preferences, which can get buried under social demands and expectations. It is essential to become more aware of our true current values to live an authentic life.

Reflecting on our values can help us examine our desires and compare them to societal or higher principles. Take time to explore and journal about your wants, desires, and values in-depth and list out what is truly important for you in life. By identifying discrepancies between what we want and what society wants, or between where we are now, where we were in the past and where we want to be, we can take steps to align our actions with our values. Being honest with ourselves about our values can help us make decisions that lead to a more fulfilling life.

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