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Preparing Your Temple: Why Detoxing is Crucial for an Optimal Journey

Before embarking on a journey with a psychedelic medicine, it is important to prepare your body, mind, and spirit. One of the most essential aspects of this preparation is detoxing. Detoxing helps to clear the body of toxins and negative energy, making way for a more profound and beneficial experience. In this article, we will explore why detoxing is crucial for an optimal journey with a psychedelic and how you can prepare your temple for this transformational experience. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing as we dive into the importance of preparing your temple.

At least one week prior to your journey, it is highly recommended that you prepare your body, mind, and spirit. A clear channel is the ideal vessel for the medicine to work its magic, so the more preparation you do, the less "noise" and toxins the medicine will have to cut through. It is best to give yourself ample time for preparation.

While there is no specific diet to follow, it is advisable to eat cleaner, healthier foods to minimize the need for detoxification before the medicine can work to its full potential. There is a strong correlation between the body, mind, and soul connections, and being mindful about what we eat can help us be more conscious of our thoughts, environments, and social interactions. Often, people who experience a deep internal shift during the journey will make changes to their diet and lifestyle afterward.

The more prepared we are before the ceremony, the greater the potential for a profound experience.

When it comes to diet, it is best to consume organic and minimally processed foods, including:

  • Pastured and wild meats/seafood (unless you are already vegetarian or vegan)

  • Hearty, nourishing plant-based foods

  • Lots of fruits and vegetables

  • Grounding foods such as root vegetables, bone broth, soups, and stews (especially after the retreat)

  • Minimal to no sugar

  • No alcohol 7-14 days before the ceremony (unless instructed for longer)

  • No other psychedelics, no microdosing 14 days prior to the ceremony

  • Reduced caffeine intake (no more than one cup per day to avoid caffeine headaches on the day of the ceremony)

  • No soda or other sugary beverages

  • Drink plenty of filtered water, sometimes adding electrolytes.

  • Avoid highly processed foods, especially those with preservatives and artificial colors/flavors

  • Some medications and supplements should be paused when working with psychedelic medicines, as they can either be contraindicated or flushed out by the medicine. It is essential to be honest about any medications you are currently taking before booking your retreat for your safety.

It is recommended that you exercise three to five times a week, adding extra time in nature if your practice is typically indoors. If you are not particularly active, consider incorporating gentle activities such as walks in nature, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, swimming, or bike rides.

Lastly, it is advisable to reduce or eliminate television, computer, and social media time before the ceremony. We store a lot of programming in our subconscious from these sources, and the clearer we are, the easier it will be for the medicine to get to the heart of what we are looking to receive from the medicine.

  • 24 HOURS OUT- Be mindful about what you eat and drink. Try bland, easy to digest foods, lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid greasy, spicy foods. Hydrate a lot and ensure to mix in electrolytes. Be also mindful about the kind of conversations you engage in, limit social media, youtube watching, and other similar activities.

*This is a general recommendation for preparing your body and mind for a psychedelic medicine journey. There are specific recommendations that apply depending on the substance you will be taking.

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