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Healing through Dreams

Through our dreams we are able to experience that which in our waking state may be constricted. The dreaming state allows us to be in touch with those aspects of ourselves that are hidden because of emotional trauma that has arisen through a person’s life. Regardless of the levels of complexity of the emotional trauma, the dream state gives an opportunity to heal the physical body through the subtle body.

In the past sleep has been understood as a state where we replenish and restore our energy for the waking state, research has found that while dreaming there is an increase of cerebral activity and brain flow that happens during different stages of sleep. During Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, the brain is more active and you can experience intense dreaming. Dreams have been studied in a variety of ways, perhaps most notably within the psychoanalytic framework of revealing unconscious thought processes considered to be at the root of neuroses.

Scientific research has proved the impact that mind and emotions have on the immune system, both being present in the waking and dreaming states, supports the idea that our dreams have effect on our physical body. Candance Pert, a biophysics and physiology researcher, demonstrated the complex interrelationships among the behavioral, neural, endocrine and immune processes, finding neuropeptides as molecules of emotions. She found that immune cells have receptors for neuropeptides which are released during emotional states. Pert emphasizes on the importance of freeing blocked emotions and finding a healthy expression for all emotions to support the functioning of the immune system.

There’s the possibility to capture important messages in dreams that inform us about our waking reality, these messages come from the unconscious and allow us to be able to work with our emotions during the waking and dreaming states.

The dream world brings together many possibilities of being that are temporary giving the effect of a safe territory to the separate self.

It is important to define healing as a process to return to a state of balance and harmony from a state of imbalance or dis-ease. Healing happens in the heart, mind and body, through subtle energies in the language of dreams that communicate the mind, body and spirit. Working with dreams to heal you, is by approaching “every dream as a mirror”, a particular body experience. And every body experience can be visualized and usually appears in dreams. So, to work on the body, you can work on dreams, and to work on dreams, you can follow body experiences.

Healing through dreams is to find your personal imagery meaning to integrate into your body’s energy healing. The personal imagery in the dream state are all sorts of entities, things, events, illuminations, images of people, which are not gross forms, they are subtle forms – but forms nonetheless that have meaning (from A. Mindell).

Healing through dreams is a practice that I include in my work with clients as part of the transformative process, helping to include different notions of ourselves. To include information that comes from dreams to better understand the messages from our unconscious, messages from our body and spirit to that we can listen and become whole to all of who and what we are.

If you’d like to learn on how to use dreaming as part of your self growth, self transformation, please send me an email

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