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A Psycho-Spiritual Ceremony with Ibogaine

Ibogaine is an alkaloid that comes from the root bark of the iboga shrub (Tabernanthe iboga) is used in Gabon, Africa, in rituals and ceremonies to induce an altered state for spiritual and psychological purposes. Ibogaine heals the brain in two ways, it helps in regulating dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, both chemicals are associated with mood stabilizing, pleasure and feelings of well-being. Ibogaine also repairs the damaged areas of the brain caused by long term substance abuse and traumatic brain injuries.

Studies show that ibogaine is neuro-protective and stimulates increased levels of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) in the brain, stimulating the growth of new neurons and promoting plasticity in the brain. Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity is the ability of the brain to modify its connections or rewire itself. Ibogaine releases more of these neurotrophic factors which help to repair the damaged tissues, promote regular release of “feel good” chemicals, and prevent the automatic responses acquired throughout life.

In large or compound doses ibogaine can also have an oneirogenic, or waking dream effect. Depending on the individual, this experience may be anything from a mild shift in awareness and physical sensation to a pronounced consciousness shifting episode. The later is often accompanied by visualizations that seem to bring forward subconscious material with the texture of lucid dreams.

Ibogaine acts on the glutamine system, similarly to dissociative substances like Ketamine. This creates a "witness" effect, through which users are able to unhook from their usual thoughts, emotions and patterns. Being able to observe ways of being that are not helpful or healthy, including revisiting past trauma. This often leads to a relationships to one's inner life that feels insightful, compassionate and free.

Ibogaine facilitates an openness and removes blockages from the body and mind, harmonizing the biochemistry of the body and inducing a deep introspective state that allows the person to view patterns and beliefs, releasing into acceptance and forgiveness. It is considered to be a nootropic (improves cognitive function) plant-based medicine that is highly effective in helping the mind and body to make deep, lasting shifts in thinking and behavior.

Psycho-spiritual therapy focuses on the aspects that transcend the consciousness of the personal, that which transcends and touches with the consciousness of the being, of life, of the vital energy, of the permanent, of the transcendent, conceiving the human being as a soul and body transiting an experience to develop its spiritual evolution, through the recognition, learning and healing of the mind, body and psyche.

The body, mind, and heart are essentially interconnected energy units that harmonize and integrate with each other. Through the use of the entheogen ibogaine the biochemists of the body and the vital energy are unblocked and harmonized, facilitating a state of deep introspection that allows visiting themes and beliefs for the resolution, the forgiveness and the complete acceptance of our being.

My approach to facilitating or guiding a psycho-spiritual ibogaine ceremony includes:

  • Preparation session and workbook, including a detox of body and mind

  • A setting that is safe, comfortable and supportive with a quiet environment with no distractions, and music is used as a tool to journey

  • A focus on intention and integration

  • A team of professionals with extensive experience in the use of ibogaine, including medical staff and therapists.

  • A ceremonial and spiritual focus with strong reverence for plant medicine

A psycho- spiritual ceremony duration is from 8-12 hrs. It is necessary to follow a detox-diet before the session and medical check up including and EKG. The therapeutic session is a medium/high single dose of ibogaine Purified Total Alkaloid that comes from the Tabernanthe Iboga plant; it is not for substance abuse detox. The therapeutic session is done with quality ibogaine medicine from the Tabernanthe Iboga plant from Africa.

During the experience the person is laying down and staying still, wearing an eye mask with eyes closed. It is important for the participant to have an intention, this guides the inquiry during the session. The participant might also want to look at family pictures, or work on a dream or on current topics that may emerge. The ceremony may be a group setting or individual setting with my constant support and guidance throughout the journey.

The psychologist Claudio Naranjo studied the benefits of ibogaine for a therapeutic treatment and found that it induces a deep meditative state, visions, expanded awareness, provides feelings of insights and clarity and liberates from old patterns. Each person has a unique experience during the session, it is important to find ways to surrender to the experience and to keep an attitude of openness and curiosity.

* Ibogaine tends to lower one’s heart rate and decrease blood pressure. This can be dangerous if someone has a preexisting cardiovascular and or pulmonary condition. Therefore ibogaine is not recommended for those with existing heart conditions, liver and/or kidney disease, mental health problems (schizophrenia, psychosis, epilepsy, dementia and other disorders). It is also not appropriate for those taking antidepressants, narcotics and other drugs.

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