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Join us for an engaging online event where we explore the transformative power of psychedelics, personal growth, self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Don't miss out!

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Ceremonia Enteogénica: Experiencias de Sanación y Expansión.

Acompañanos en esta conversacion sobre el uso terapeutico y espiritual de la psilocibina y la ibogaina. Ambas plantas medicinales con usos ancestrales en rituales espirituales, de iniciacion y medicinales.

Una platica que va mas alla de la ciencia para compartir la fenomenoogia de las experiencias a partir de un enfoque del guia (facilitadora) y del participante.

VIERNES SEPT 22 - 7 pm (Madrid) ~ 11 am (Mexico)

Duracion: 1 hora


Zoom link:

Una oportunidad para aprender mas, compartir experiencias y aclarar dudas. Esperamos verte ahi!

En colaboracion con la Sociedad Psicodelica de Madrid.

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The Therapeutic and Spiritual Benefits of Ibogaine and Psilocybin

How can a psychedelic journey with ibogaine or psilocybin provide therapeutic and spiritual benefits, and what mechanisms are involved in their ability to promote healing, personal growth, and spiritual experiences? And how to integrate the insights and lessons learned during your journey for long lasting transformation?

JOIN US  for a dynamic and insightful conversation with Paulina Alanis and Camy Lazaro, as they share their extensive experience in psychedelic therapeutic treatments with ibogaine and psilocybin. Hosted by Maria Prieto, explore the world of psychedelic experiences from a therapeutic  and shamanic approach, where transpersonal therapy intertwines with indigenous rituals to access the multiple dimensions of being.

At this FREE event, you’ll learn about what includes a psychedelic therapeutic ceremony with psilocybin or ibogaine, the importance of intention and setting, and how to prepare for the journey and integrate your insights for long lasting transformation and healing. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding about the difference between these two powerful psychedelic medicines, as well as an informed perspective on whether you’d like a medicine journey to be part of your path towards greater harmony, love and spiritual connectedness.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and informative discussion, and take part in the Q&A session to ask your own questions.

The event will be in ENGLISH/SPANISH 


Awakening Inner Healing: Psychedelic & Shamanic Experience

JOIN US! In this experiential workshop through various transformative practices to facilitate personal growth and self-exploration. Participants will engage in meditation, a shamanic journey guided by the rhythmic beats of a drum, and the exploration of the power of intention.

During the meditation session, participants will learn techniques to cultivate mindfulness, inner peace, and deep relaxation. 

The shamanic journey with the drum will transport participants into altered states of consciousness, where they can connect with their inner wisdom and find your power animal, gaining insights and guidance for their journey.

The workshop also focuses on the power of intention, teaching participants how to set clear and focused intentions before embarking on an inner journey. Furthermore, the workshop emphasizes the importance of integrating insights gained from these journeys into everyday life. 

Overall, the purpose of the workshop is to provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their inner realms, harness the power of intention, and integrate the transformative insights gained from their journeys into their daily lives.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of this experiential workshop, and take part in the Q&A session to ask your own questions.

The event will be in ENGLISH/SPANISH 

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