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Sacred Ceremony

Healing with a heart


Plant Medicine Ceremony

A psycho-spiritual psychedelic journey is a healing experience that provides a release of feelings, resolution of past trauma and resolves mental health issues, it opens up a broader state of consciousness where everything in life makes more sense and life feels in better balance, with a focus on integrating therapeutic practices and indigenous rituals.


Guided and facilitated by a team of professionals experienced in the use of plant medicine and psychedelics for psycho-spiritual growth and therapeutic healing. We focus on creating an environment that is safe and supportive to maximize the potential for a healing, therapeutic and spiritual experience.

Group & Private

A Group Experience includes 1 or 2 medicine ceremonies (psilocybin, mescaline and/or 5-MeO-DMT), accommodation, meals while on retreat, preparation & integration sessions and other integration practices (e.g. breath work, temazcal-aztec sweat lodge, meditation, nature hikes, etc.). Group size is from 5-10 people.

Group experience provides a space to heal with others, to meet like-minded friends, and to be part of a community devoted to alternative practices for healing and transformation.

A Private Experience includes a psilocybin ceremony (hero's dose), meditation, preparation and integration sessions. It can be for one individual, a couple, or for a group of 2-4 family members or 2-4 friends.

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 A psycho-spiritual ceremony with ibogaine awakens you to higher perspectives and allows a deep cleansing of your psyche, followed by a stronger connection to your true self and your greater life purpose.

Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance that comes from the Tabernanthe Iboga plant, it is highly effective in helping the mind and body to make deep, lasting shifts in thinking and behavior.

Ibogaine's unique healing properties increase neuroplasticity and resetting multiple receptors in the brain creating new neural connections allowing a person to release old stories and patterns clearing the path to start developing new ways of being. It releases the blocks so that we may experience ourselves more fully and experience life deeply grounded in our true sense of being.

A ceremony consists of a 3-5 day treatment including: 

*Individualized ibogaine session: medium-high single dose of ibogaine (TA/PTA) duration is from 8- hrs. It is necessary to follow a detox-diet before the session.

*Preparation and integration coaching sessions

*Meditation and shamanic journey.

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