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Shaman Within ~ Women Retreats

Healing with a Heart


Secrets of a Mid-Life Journey

Join us for an experiential weekend retreat designed to awaken, discover, and heal your feminine energy as we journey through the cycles of the mature woman (pre - menopause - post). Immerse yourself in nature and reconnect with your inner shaman through a blend of rituals, meditations, visualizations, creative activities, and body exercises.

A journey inward that invites us to embrace what has been rejected and awaken to a more authentic and expanded version of ourselves and of Life.

This retreat aims to help you establish a right relationship with yourself by learning to listen to your voice and rhythm. 

SEPT 6 - 8 ~ Tepoztlan, Mexico

Program Price: $800 USD

*Includes: 2 nights of accommodation and all meals while on retreat. Preparation & integration Calls.

Group of 4 - 6 participants.

Return of the Inner Shaman

More and more women are resonating with the archetype of the Shaman Woman - an ancestral figure, wise, compassionate and strong -and from a very internal place, we desire to cultivate and enhance its qualities and gifts within ourselves.

During the retreat we invite you and guide you to enter your center, to know yourself deeply, to open yourself to the cycles of womanhood, to return to Mother Earth, and to be deeply touched by the elements.

The purpose of the retreat is to provide a nurturing and profound experience immersed in nature, to reconnect with yourself and your feminine energy through a balanced blend of rituals, meditations, creative activities, and body exercises. 

OCT 18 - 20 ~ Santa Fe, NM

OCT 25 - 27 ~ Sedona, AZ

Program Price: $1650 / per Retreat

*Includes: 2 nights of accommodation (individual accommodation available) and all meals while on retreat. Preparation & integration Calls.

Group of 4 - 6 participants.


The Program

Welcome to a transformative weekend retreat designed specifically for women, framed within a powerful arch of personal growth and self-discovery:

1. Igniting Potentials: Get excited and connect to your inner possibilities. Prepare for the journey by opening yourself to new experiences and readying your heart and mind for profound transformation.

2. Uncovering Truths: Dive deep into your personal story to uncover old beliefs and discover a soul-aligned truth. Release what no longer serves you and make space for new insights and growth.

3. Walking into Being / Destiny Pathway: Step confidently into your destiny pathway. Embrace new ways of showing up in the world with clarity and purpose, embodying your true potential in every aspect of life.

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