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What is a Private Ceremony?

A private ceremony with psilocybin is a holistic experience that combines therapeutic practices, indigenous rituals, and energy healing to create a comprehensive approach to well-being. By incorporating these elements, I aim to address and nourish the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of your being.

The journey includes effects like opennesses to emotions and feelings, increased introspection, and altered state of consciousness similar to a dreaming state — where you are guided to find resolution to past pain and trauma. 

A private ceremony includes a psilocybin journey (hero's dose 5+ grams), meditation, preparation and integration sessions. It can be for one individual, a couple, or for a group of 2-4 family members/friends.

psilocybin mushrooms

You will be guided to develop an intention and to prepare for the ceremony in the weeks prior to participating. I work closely with you to help you prepare for the experience, and bring awareness to your fears and expectations. And we will have integration sessions after the experience.

The journey takes place inside, where you will be laying down with your eyes closed and wearing an eye mask for the duration of the experience (4-6 hours). Letting yourself be guided by the music, feelings, sensations and memories that arises.

A hero’s dose may take you into a journey of death and rebirth, of deep transformation.

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