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My Story

I am a spiritually driven explorer of the multi-dimensional self, through my strong spirit I inspire others to make changes happen.

I graduated in 2013 with a Master's Degree in Integral Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. It is based on integral theory, an intuitively transformational and comprehensive system that has supported me in my development and challenged me to expand my perspective and to discover the creative evolutionary force embedded in each moment. 

During my masters I got certified as a coach by Integral Coaching Canada. Later on I received training and got certified as a Craniosacral massage therapist with Bastyr University in Seattle. 

I have more than 10 years of experience as an integral coach working with individuals and couples. I include healing energy practices and shamanism as part of my services.

Since my teenage years I experienced different shamanic indigenous rituals from Mexico including the use of plant medicine like peyote and psilocybin mushrooms. Shamanism has been an important part of my development, of coming into my true self. I studied core shamanism at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and received the transmission of the Munay-Ki Rites. 

Since 2013, after a life changing experience with ibogaine, I started working with ibogaine clinics in Mexico for addiction treatment as a coach/therapist and psychedelic guide. Some of the ibogaine clinics I've worked at are: Pangea, Iboga Root, Tabula Rasa, Iboga Quest and The Mission Within. Eventually expanding my practice to offer therapeutic treatments and psycho-spiritual ceremonies with ibogaine and psilocybin.

I am from Mexico and a proud mother of a beautiful wise daughter, being a mother is my most profound experience of unconditional love.

I currently reside in Tepoztlán, Mexico, surrounded by the stunning beauty of the mountains, the powerful energy of the vortes and enjoying the wonderful spring-like weather.

Paulina Alanis, integral coaching
Paulina Alanis, plant medicine retreats and healing

My Approach

My approach in guiding and supporting clients through their transformation and changes is focused on their individual needs, dreams, challenges and unique process. 

We work together allowing transformation to happen organically, in multiple ways, through various practices of inquiry, observation, introspection and right action.

I'm passionate about supporting clients through the challenges of change, to integrate practices for compassionate living and explore the depth of being. I use a dynamic systems approach to change, to bring about change and to pursue change with resilience.

I have extensive experience supporting individuals of diverse ages and backgrounds navigating life transitions, navigating the anxiety, fear, and the stress of uncertainty. I've worked with special operations veterans and their families, as a coach and guide to work through trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, and stress.

My integral practice includes the Enneagram model, stages of development, shadow work, inner child, meditation, mindfulness, plant medicines, shamanic rituals and energy healing.

Read my Master's Degree Thesis on Altered States of Consciousness as Transformational Coaching Tools


I feel blessed for the opportunity to work with kind loving compassionate human beings dedicated to healing through alternative therapeutic practices.

Each of them are professionals experienced in the use of plant medicine and psychedelics for psycho-spiritual growth and therapeutic healing.


Together we focus on creating an environment that is safe and supportive to maximize the potential for a healing, therapeutic and spiritual experience. 


Happy to introduce you to some of the amazing facilitators, guides and therapists that collaborate with me in my offerings!

Kristie  is an amazing massage therapist and retreat facilitator, organizing a variety of spiritual workshops, retreats, and plant medicine ceremonies. Her professional background includes Bodywork Practitioner Certification (San Diego) and Gestalt Therapy training (Mexico). She has extensive experience working with ibogaine for addiction treatment, depression and psycho-spiritual purposes.


Mia is an experienced integrative healer, clinical psychologist, and shamanic practitioner. She has more than 12 years of experience working with trauma, PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders. Her journey of psychedelic healing is her life's work inspired by ancestral and shamanic traditions.

Felipe has extensive experience working with ibogaine for addiction and psycho-spiritual purposes, he’s part of the team at Iboga Quest (Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico). He’s also a student of Gestalt therapy and has focused most of his work on supporting and guiding for addiction recovery. Felipe brings a strong, peaceful and kind presence into his work as he supports and guides participants for a healing ceremony.

Shelby is a certified coach focusing on microdosing education and integration while blending embodiment and somatic practices in her approach. She is passionate about aiding others in their healing process while dedicating her time to ongoing learning with plant medicine.

Veronika  is a visionary artist who travels around the world as a freelance artist teaching classes, painting murals, holding art ceremonies, and organizing retreats for veterans, artists and women. She is certified as a Addiction Recovery and Psycho-spiritual integration coach, and specializes in Psychedelic integration.

*Note: Retreats include 1-3 facilitators/collaborators depending on group size.

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