Nurture, Renew, Connect to your Essence ~ Retreats and Workshops


We are One but not the Same

Life continuously presents us opportunities to learn and explore ourselves, our relationships and our world, by discovering our inherent wisdom and capacities we evolve and create a fuller life.

By listening deeply we come in touch with our true self, this helps us establish a climate of close  transparent communication with ourselves, with others, so that we can become more free, more real and more deeply understanding of the uniqueness of each human being.

Being transparently open is achieved by going inwards, observing yourself, finding your own mind patterns and belief systems, and deciding to move out of fear with a compassionate heart.

In our workshops and retreats, we develop and create a space in which each individual investigates the mutiple dimensions of being through knowledge, dialogue, inquiry, meditation, art and movement.  So that we discover our unique gift, the creative impulse that moves through each individual connecting us to others, to nature and to life. Being in touch with how the creative impulse moves within each of us allows us to trust, to dream and to be aware to what arises at each moment.

During the workshops and retreats each participant explores within him/herself and with the group ways for opening to connecting to your essence. You learn to find out how you unawaken yourself and how to give up beliefs that constrict you.  We believe that creating an environment based on respect, trust, compassion, openness and integrity, supports the intention of each participant moving towards self-acceptance, awareness, compassionate living and unpredictable creativity.

Nurture your soul, experience the aliveness and connect with your essence while experiencing your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. We do this through yoga, meditation, intuitive art, dream journey and psychodynamic practices while  we discover our consciousness, hidden feelings and mysterious perceptions.

Join us and enjoy the feeling of an open heart, the aliveness and creativity of your true self.

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The Vision of the Retreats & Workshops is:

 * To Nurture, Renew and Connect with your essence and discover the depth of your being. 

* To share a creative space that supports and challenges each participant. 

* To explore hidden areas of yourself with compassion and lightheartedness.  

* To take away tools and realizations that change your way of being.  

* To have companionship, laughter and relaxation. 

Retreats and workshops integrate practices and themes based on the vision to Nurture, Renew and Connect to your Essence.