Meditation Products

Profound meditation – Profound Meditation Program 3.0 supports our meditation practice  by cultivating brainwave and biofield states that have been found in advanced meditators.The more we practice meditation, the easier it becomes to find the state of stillness inside ourselves when we encounter stressful situations allowing us to also process difficult emotions.  Using the profound meditation program for a long time period may help us to ground ourselves and come into the spaciousness of our being in a faster and easier way.



Digital Euphoria is a session that targets the mood, confidence, enthusiasm and positive thinking, with a set of specific frequencies associated to the brainwave patterns and energetic signatures of euphoria, endorphins and serotonin.




Vision Quest takes you into a shamanic journey of healing and vision through trance music (Robert Rich) and innovative brainwave entrainment frequencies. It’s a synthesis of dreamy ambient music, neurotechnology and energy medicine that immerses you into a state of discovery.



Harmonic Resonance Meditation is designed to facilitate deeper states of meditation and contemplation, it is a helpful tool for meditation that allows oneself to do deeper into states of bliss and expansion.