Ibogaine: a therapeutic tool for transformative practice.

“There’s a door within the self. When this door is opened, a unity is revealed that encompasses all beings and transcends all boundaries.” J. Fadiman.

Life is certainly a mysterious force, at times I find myself looking back and only then seeing the connections that possibly were behind the crossroads, and each crossroad a connection of life for unimaginable evolutionary expressions.

My journey into the iboga world started as part of my master’s studies in integral theory.  I’ve always had a call,  a pull to question my existence, life, and consciousness, it’s expression and what it is to be a human being. My studies during the master’s degree were focused on shamanism, altered states of consciousness and ritual as essential parts of human development and evolutionary paths for greater awareness and compassion.

So I found myself in San Francisco (San Pancho) , Nayarit, Mexico and realized that I was in the ‘right’ place for experiencing the iboga world. I had dreams where a man called Iboga came to me. I was inspired to experience iboga after a couple of people  shared how their paths  had been transformed by its guidance. A strong curiosity to learn about iboga’s uniqueness emerged, a desire to allow it’s teachings to guide me. That’s how I am now  immersed in an investigation using the integral model (Ken WIlber) on how iboga can be used for transformative purposes with a psycho-spiritual treatment .

Research Title: Ibogaine as a therapeutic tool inside an integral transformative practice.

Altered states of consciousness provide an experience of ego dis-identification, which helps facilitate processes of increasing psychological development.  Inducing altered states for psycho-spiritual work within an integral approach supports the transformative impulse towards higher perspectives.  Ibogaine has unique healing properties related to neuroplasticity, the resetting of various neurotransmitter systems in the brain and along the nervous system of the body. Ibogaine induces a state that helps release the existential grasp, allowing the healing of unconscious wounds and uncovering shadow material.  I investigate how to use ibogaine inside an integral coaching practice, by analyzing data from first, second and third person perspectives: phenomenology (three month study on my own ibogaine experience), hermeneutics (interviewing five ibogaine providers/guides of detox and psycho-spiritual treatments) and empirical analysis (surveying 80 individuals who have previously experienced ibogaine).

As part of the  integral research, the empirical analysis I included a survey for  individuals who have experienced an ibogaine treatment or initiation. If you have experienced iboga please take the survey, your contribution is greatly appreciated.

This is a poster presentation on the preliminary results, presented at  the Integral European Conference 2014, held in Budapest. Click here to view the poster (low definition)   poster final_baja

For the SHORT DOCUMENTARY (autobiographical description video) of my experience of a psychospiritual ibogaine treatment click here to watch it. https://vimeo.com/94129626 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDfd9oM1xqw

For more information about the survey analysis and about the research you can send me an email graphicjourney@yahoo.com and/or check back on this page for updates. Thanks!