Ibogaine Retreats

Nurture, Explore and Transform

Come explore hidden dimensions of yourself, experience a space of transformation, and nurture your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Through the healing properties of ibogaine, yoga, shadow work and awareness practices we may experience clarity of mind, release of old patterns and experience a spiritual rebirth.

Grounding ourselves in our body and greater awareness supports us into the new ways or being and behaving that we may experience as a result of  ibogaine’s healing properties.

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Integral Ibogaine Retreat

The 5-day retreat includes:

*Individualized ibogaine psychotherapeutic treatment

*Nutritional support

*Cranio-sacral massage

*Individual coaching/therapy sessions

*Shadow work and yoga

*Presence and awareness practices

*Time for introspection and integration

 Ibogaine is used for healing purposes for:

  • Addiction interruption
  • Eating disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression
  • Personal growth

Inquire about next available dates and places (Europe, Canada and Mexico).

Facilitator: Paulina Alanis, MA is a transformative integral coach/therapist weaving psycho-shamanic exploration, shadow work and altered states within an integral practice. She has a Master’s degree in Integral Theory from John F. Kennedy University and was trained at Integral Coaching Canada. She has been researching on the use of ibogaine for psychospiritual treatments and working with ibogaine clinics in San Francisco (Mexico). She also facilitates integral transformative work groups and workshops in Mexico and USA.

 Learn more! contact Paulina via email trueisense@gmail.com and/or skype: gonesurfin13