Individual Sessions

There are different programs for each client’s needs and desires:

There are various options for engaging in a transformational program. Through the program we work together on a specific topic that you have had difficulty making the progress you want and/or sustaining progress. Your interest might be on defining a goal or a needed change and what or how to take the next steps. Or you might be interested in working together to ignite the wanted change.

The program can last a few sessions each with a duration of about an 1 hour to 1 hour and a half(from 2-5 sessions) or it can extend to a more in depth process (integral) that helps you to develop and stabilize yourself in the transformational process, into a ‘new stage’, lasting up to 12 sessions.

A more in depth integral transformational program includes support through email exchange, and 12 session in person or phone calls. An integral program is a complete process of change with various developmental cycles. Integral practice facilitates the movement of including and transcending aspects of the current way of being that are not useful anymore in relationship to the client’s topic, developing a new way of being that supports the desired goal.

For more information you can send me an email

I offer you a 20- minute session free! This can be done through email, phone call or skype. Send an email or through the contact form.