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The Multi-dimensional Luminous ‘We’

“Maybe love is like rain. Sometimes gentle, sometimes torrential, flooding, eroding, quiet, steady, filling the earth, collecting in hidden springs. When it rains, when we love, new life grows”. Carol Gilligan – The Birth of Pleasure Everything is connected, nothing exists independently, nor any phenomenon or living being manifests itself in complete isolation. Each individual […]

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Integral Ibogaine

Integral Ibogaine, Integral Well Being Have you ever experienced a moment in which you are fully aware; your whole being feels congruently aligned to a greater natural force; and a clear transparent dimension arises where time does not exist and you exist in oneness with everything? Alternative states of consciousness provide an experience of ego […]

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Ibogaine: a transformational tool

The journey of discovering our true self or our inner sense of being is not a given process, is not something we follow from other people’s journey, it is unique to each person. The exploration of what reveals our heart, our wisdom and our guidance depends on the intention and effort we cultivate. We do […]

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Emergencia Espiritual

  Dentro de los estudios sobre los estados alterados de la conciencia se ha descubierto que muchos estados que se han categorizado  como psicóticos y  que se tratan con medicamento para suprimirlos, son en realidad parte de la experiencia de un cambio radical de personalidad y de una apertura espiritual. Si este tipo de crisis […]

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What is your relationship to pain?

“The last thing human beings will let go of is their suffering” ~ Gurdjieff   Maybe life is not at all what I though, maybe what I thought I was is not true at all. When the time is right some things just flower, when the abyss is experienced through the depths of  pain, you […]

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Eneagrama ~ una herramienta para la transformación

Muchos libros y enseñanzas de transformación personal incluyen la idea de cómo ser más compasivos, más honestos, más humildes, etc. que aunque son cualidades valiosas de la persona, estas perspectivas no responden a ese impulso de querer conocer quien somos.  Generalmente la forma en que sabemos o experimentamos quien somos esta relacionado a nuestros patrones (inconscientes o […]

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