Aftercare Sessions

After an ibogaine treatment aftercare is essential as part of the healing process, whether the client’s intention for treatment is for detox from a substance, depression, anxiety or personal growth, therapies of different types are helpful in supporting the individual to sustain the changes and develop new positive habits for well-being.

After experiencing an ibogaine treatment it can be difficult and complex to integrate the experience properly and not simply at an ego-level.  There might be a strong tendency towards developing a ‘need’ for developing an alternative belief systems to avoid bodily integration of the experience. Therapy, bodywork and support groups are recommended to help in releasing emotional and body energies.

The integration process starts once ibogaine’s altered state has ended leaving a fertile ground for new seeds to be planted, during this phase it is important to be mindful and cultivate awareness. The support of a coach, mentor or therapist with experience on ibogaine guides the individual into taking the necessary actions and practices to develop and support new ways of being.

The idea is to take the medicinal plant teachings, the opportunity for changing the way you see your self and the world and cultivate mindfulness and awareness to be from this ‘new’ perspective. Learning to utilize your energy into attitudes that support your well being, sensitizing oneself to our inner will to bring forth new behaviors.

An integral approach for aftercare coaching/therapy includes:

  • Awareness of self: understanding your worldview, knowing your shadow, a sense of self according to experiencing different states of consciousness.
  • Embodiment: being grounded in your body, learning from the body as an instrument capable of tuning into multiple sounds and vibrations that communicates the needs for balance and healing.
  • Connectedness: with family, friends and loved ones; and with a culture and community that supports and challenges for greater growth.
  • Healing ground. An environment that is balanced, safe and intimate and a system that allows for your creative impulse to be explored and expanded.

Aftercare sessions are done in person or through skype or phone. Each session is for an hour up to an 1 1/2 hrs. If you feel like this kind of aftercare therapy could be helpful and supportive for you after your treatment, send me an email and we can schedule to have an initial free call. Sliding scale fee available!

For more information please send me an email or contact me through skype: gonesurfin13