Integral Transformation

Transformation happens within fluid boundaries, within mutliple ways, states of consciousness and alternative stages. Sometimes we might find ourselves in a constant state of ‘in-the-process’ or ‘becoming’ and it’s important to hold this as a temporary non fixed stage that allows us to relinquish the idea, desire or nostalgia for something fixed, known and comfortable.

Living the transformation is about leaving the comforts of beliefs, relationships and conditioned patterns that have held our identity in a fixed way. This identity has been useful in the past but when the time comes to let go of it for a greater more expanded embrace of what is to be, then we must surrender ourselves to the transformation that occurs.

Surrendering allows us to relax into the present moment and aknowledge what needs to be experienced, what needs to be let out so that it can be integrated into a more wholesome way of being.

I work with clients supporting them through the challenges of resistance to change, transformation and the dropping of identification.

If you find yourself in a transformational movement and you’d like to find harmony within all! Contact me through the contact form. I’d love to support you through the changes.

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