Coming into the body

“I have learned that the body listens to rhythms the mind can’t even hear”
~John Lee

We need our body to be able to experience all that surrounds us, “the human body is from which and by means of which all natural objects are experienced” (Phenomenology of the Body by Stewart & Mickunas), everything in our world comes into being in relationship to how we experience our body.  Sometimes the body is taken for granted since it’s implicit in our human condition, unless there’s something affecting our body like illness or imbalance, we sometimes do not embody our body.

To embody means that we first come from spirit and occupy consciously the body, not as an object but as a creative manifestation of life.  It is important to include the notion and awareness of our body in our lives without having to be forced back into the body by disease or an injury.  Our bodies are amazing forms of light shaped by structures of interconnected and interrelated organs, nerves, cells and energetic pathways.

It is through our body that we experience consciousness in relation to time/space, thoughts, emotions and actions, are  intimately related to the body.  It is because we have a physical body that  the world is conceived through the perception of our body.  The body has multiple natural automatic mechanisms that has developed through time to adapt and survive.  It is in relationship to the body that we get to understand the perception of our world based on already set patterns, conditioned actions and memories.  The body has also a great capability to learn and restructure and it is up to us to change the patterns and conditionings that inform our body by learning to listen to our perceptions, becoming aware of the impact of thoughts and beliefs on the body and allowing body movement as way to express all that lives within us.

Through our sensations we feel firsthand the movement of possibilities that allow us to experience every moment according to our embodiment of those perceptions. Grounding practices through breath, meditation and guided felt sense perception are ways to connect and become aware to the particular ways in which our body expresses and receives the world around us.

As part of my coaching program and personal transformation retreats I design dynamic practices related to body awareness, felt sense perception and contemplation. These practices support the development of a sense of Self grounded in the gross body to promote healing.

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